Accountability Incubator 2023 Cohort

Written by: Accountability Lab Nepal

Published On: April 25, 2023

Accountability Lab supports civic youth leaders who are passionate to promote accountability and open governance through the Accountability Incubator Program. We call these leaders “Accountapreneurs” who get hands-on training and guided mentorship to test and implement their ideas. This program helps build an ecosystem of changemakers from diverse fields who get the opportunity to co-create innovations and collaborate with unlikely networks to push for larger reforms. We are introducing the Accountapreneur for 2023 who are working on a range of ideas from promoting dignified menstruation to advocating for digital access among women with disabilities.

Aagya Shrestha


Aagya is currently working as a Program Coordinator at Ujyalo Foundation leading programs for the advancement of women, girls and non-binary individuals in Nepal. Through the Incubator program, she wants to conduct research on the meaningful representation of women in the local government of Nepal.  She believes this research would be a pedestal in developing a framework to amplify women’s participation in local government. Her larger goal is to enhance meaningful participation of women in Nepali politics.  She has recently completed her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from St.Xaviers, Kathmandu.




Ichhya KC

Ichhya is the founder of Pahichan Nepal (Pahichan translates to Identity in English), a non-governmental organization that is committed to empower women with disabilities. In a patriarchal society like Nepal, the stigma associated with disabilities creates more hurdles  and challenges for women with disabilities. Ichhya, who herself is visually impaired established Pahichan to support women with disabilities to create their own identity through skill-enhancement and boosting their confidence. Through the Incubator program, Ichhya wants to advocate for a  disabled-friendly digital space and communication as lack of it limits their access to various opportunities.




Kalpana Giri

Kalpana is a passionate visual-storyteller who owns a start-up called “Imagine You”, a social media channel where she makes videos about Nepal with a slogan “what Nepal has to offer.” Her idea for the Incubator program is to expand her channel beyond travel and tourism and depict Nepal that she wants to see; Nepal that is accountable; and Nepal where the social issues are addressed and participation is encouraged. She completed her diploma in fim-making and now is currently studying for a Bachelor’s of Arts with journalism major at Mahendra Morang Adarsha Multiple Campus.





Mamta Siwakoti

Mamta is a licensed advocate currently working in The Digital Law and Policy Centre. Apart from regular profession, she runs a Digital Legal Awareness under the channel “The Digital Lawyer” from 2020. She has produced several videos to educate people on the rights and laws of Nepal, specifically on issues of GBV, child rights and general civil and criminal provisions of Nepal. Mamata believes that digital space is the convenient and best way to reach a large mass and wishes to use this space in promoting legal awareness. In this context, my goal as an Accountapreneur, I want to expand and promote literacy on individual legal rights related to digital safety, productivity and access to digital space in an easy, understandable and digital manner for all.




Manish Pokhrel

Manish is currently studying Masters in Governance and Anti-Corruption at Tribhuvan University and is also a MBBS degree holder. His first job as a HIV/AIDS Counselor at one of the zonal hospitals in Nepal made him realize the need for good governance, accessibility, transparency and holistic approach to improve the health system in Nepal. Through the incubator program, Manish wants to advocate for integrating topics on anti-corruption and civic leadership in our education system to guide the younger generation with the values of integrity. He believes it is important to engage with the younger generation to act against corruption and bring systemic change in the long run.




Pooja Bista

Pooja is leading the digital movement called “Untold Period Stories” that aims to change the narrative around menstruation from restrictive, untouchable to dignified one through the medium of arts, education and storytelling. Her own journey of accepting her bleeding days and body as a whole has motivated her to be this agency of change. Through incubator, she plans to shift the digital movement into a registered organization while expanding the mediums into audio and visual storytelling. Bista who is a social science graduate majoring in sociology & journalism has varied volunteering experiences from making greenhouses in the Hilly region to teaching in the Terai region.




Priya Karna

Priya is currently pursuing Bachelor in agriculture at Agriculture and Forestry University, Bharatpur, Chitwan. She is also serving as a board member at the Youth Sounding Board led by the European Union. Priya from her childhood has observed the difference in the status quo of privileged and marginalized groups in Bara district- her home town and wants to push for reforms to reduce this gap. Her idea for the Incubator program is to provide enabling  support to the Musahar Community (Dalit community in Terai District) by connecting them with the local government.





Richa Neupane

Richa Neupane is the Co-founder and CEO of Udeshya Girls in STEM, an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting girls education in STEM fields. While conducting research about gender-transformative education, she learned that institutions in Nepal are yet to adapt to the new generation of young women-identifying graduates entering the workplace. As an Accountapreneur, her idea emphasizes on promoting inclusion, safety, and diversity at the workplace. She has over 7 years of experience and an academic background in public policy, economics, and diplomacy.





Sajani Sharma

Sajani is a high school graduate currently involved in various community endeavors including charity and community endeavors such as Mathematics Initiative Nepal- a student led club working to promote Mathematics, Ekikya-an organization that supports single mothers, and a local club that donates books to the libraries. As an Accountapreneur, Sajani wants to work on her idea of creating a economic hub targeting the youths where they can increase their understanding and participate in economy related talks and debates. In the long run she wants to establish a non-profit initiative that will advance financial literacy through both digital and non-digital media.




Saurav Tiwari

Saurav is  the Chief Executive Officer of  Jod Initiatives (Jod translates as addition in English) is an organization creating sustainable and safe work stations for street based shoe menders. Saurav’s idea for the Incubator is to  transform the society through impact based social business through his organization. He is already advocating for an inclusive education system for the visually impaired students at Jod Initiatives. He is currently studying for a Masters in International Cooperation and Development at Mid-West University.





Susmita Lamsal

Susmita is currently working as a business consultant for Biruwa Advisors and a communication outreach associate at a research-based think-tank called South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics, and Environment. She is a student of finance and very passionate about building financial accountability and transparency. As an Accountapreneur, she looks forward to increasing meaningful participation of women through financial literacy which in long run will extend to ensuring a holistic financial inclusion from individual to public finance.