Monthly Civic Action Teams Bulletin tracking rumors and concerns on pressing issues through citizen feedback.

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Zimbabwe CFAs

Praise Makoni
I love how my community is so peaceful and quiet. Everyone here treats each other like family and everyone is like family. There is some sort of security within the community as most relationships are built on mutual trust.

Courtney Mbalenhle Masuku (Bulawayo)
What l love about Luveve are the recreational facilities such as the stadium, library, swimming pool and the youth center which have potential to positively change the quality of life for the youths and other community members if put to good use.

Tsitsi P Mashiri (Chitungwiza)
l am a journalist and a woman’s rights activist. I am passionate about representing my community and fighting for what is right, I believe that young people have the potential to do great and this is our time to do so.

Catherine Mutizwa
I love engaging with our leaders around the development of my community.

Mary Nyadome (Goromonzi)
People from the community are observant, they don’t want to be short changed by our Goromonzi Rural District Council.

Natalie Gwatirisa
The significance of planting a tree has power in every society. It is a way for children, women and men to participate in creating solutions.

Eminent Mubaiwa
What l love about my community is that they prioritize development over politics.

Jokoniah Mawopa
Mbare is a much talked about community and mostly in a bad light. But the residents are exemplary if you invest time to engage with us.

Mellisa Ncube (Bulawayo)
I love my city, Bulawayo because it has beautiful, happy and free spirited people. I love the work ethic and unity that presides over it.

Racheal Voko Ncube
What I love about my Community is that it’s a community that understands the purpose and significance of unity and thus, in whatever they do they make sure to foster unity in order to achieve goals.

Nontokozo Moyo
My community is United, friendly, conservative, innovative, full of energy and talent and diverse as you find almost all Zimbabwean cultures with the majority being the Ndebele culture and that is why I like my community.

Keith B Sibanda
I am a peace and development practitioner. I come from a community with dense and intense diversity dynamics. I have always considered this a blessing in disguise in regards to strengthening accountability and transparency mechanisms in place.

Simon Mubvuta
What l love about my community is that there is a development of sporting talents, development of practical skills such as carpentry and people help each other for instance during funerals.

Prosper Masibi (Bulawayo)
I am from a community that believes in UBUNTU, a community that believes in oneness and that are at the core of social accountability. The motto of the community is that ‘we pay and duty bearers should deliver’. Together we can, as Ward 25 Nketa, Bulawayo.

Michelle Dhlodhlo
I love my community. I love that there are churches, shops and schools which are a necessity to the people. I love that my community has youth centers which help young people to showcase their different talents, therefore education still goes on not only in schools but outside the school facilities. Above all l enjoy being part of my community.