Foreign Labor Migration News in Nepali Media

Centre for Social Change 9 August 2018

Centre for Social Change (CSC) is pleased to publish its annual media monitoring report 2017 highlighting the coverage of foreign labor migration related news published in 10 selected mainstream newspapers and online portals from Nepal between the period of January-December 2017. Foreign labor migration being one of the significant issues in modern Nepal, including the uprising concerns associated with it, the issues of foreign labor migration have been one of the most consistently covered content in both digital and print media. The news coverage in the media ranges from individual stories of success or struggle, to national and international attempts and initiation of regulation and improvisations. Through this the public can gather enough insights regarding foreign labor migration enabling them to make a reasonable analysis of the issue. With a watchful eye on the media about foreign labor migration, various aspects of the phenomenon can be traced and analyzed in comparison to the existing policies and programs associated with them, enabling the possibility of necessary changes to be made for the welfare as well as rights of aspiring, existing, and returnee migrants. Given this fact, this report is an attempt to understand the most recent trend of foreign labor migration in Nepal and also to capture some of emerging issues associated with foreign labor migration.

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