Peer Learning Workshop | Dhading

Sneha Rijal 30 September 2018

CHD team hosted a district level peer learning workshop in Dhading district wherein 31 local representatives including municipality chairperson, ward chairpersons, ward members from Dhanding and Nuwakot participated the program. They were grouped to discuss and present about the challenges they have been facing during their tenure. They were then regrouped to exchange their ideas on already implemented best practices to overcome certain challenges. The representatives took the platform to exchange new ideas and practices among each other and share the challenges they have been facing.

During the workshops, the local representatives expressed existing challenges within their respective municipalities. The four main challenges that had been identified among the different municipalities were: Mismanagement of budgeting and implementation towards infrastructure and resources (i.e. Human resources), the indeterminate knowledge of province government structure and the roles and responsibilities of local representatives, the lack of communication between local representatives and lack of citizen participation.

The most discussed challenges amongst local representatives are as follows:

  • Lack of resources – Human resources
  • Lack of infrastructural framework
  • Previous monitoring and evaluation have been Ineffective
  • Lack of Citizen participation
  • Vague policies
  • Mismanagement of budget allocation and tax boundary from the Central and Province Level government
  • Lack of coordination amongst local representatives.
  • Self-centered/egocentric political climate.
  • Inaccessibility to reliable information.
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities among local representatives.

Discussion of best practices in their respective municipality followed thereafter. Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Solar installation Program
  • Construction of home plan of rural roads continues to grow.
  • Highway Side Sue Pavement Construction
  • Support Picnic child park construction.
  • C.T.V. in the main market area of ​​highway.
  • Intensive Afforestation Program.
  • Cancer, heart, kidney patients to be given amount of Rupees Ten thousand.
  • Construction of drinking water as a model.
  • Public awareness related to foreign employment was conducted.
  • Online event registration brochure.
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